Household Rubber Gloves effectively protect your hands from detergents, household chemicals, dirty water and things. Additionally, they also prevent the loss of moisture and natural protective oil of your hands, keep your hands soft and clean.

They are ideal for doing housework, food processing, washing dishes, cleaning room, gardening, fishing and other light industrial tasks.

Household Rubber Gloves protect your hands from mild acid, mild alkali and detergents. This product must not come into contact with gasoline, oil, high aromatic content base and other aggressive chemicals.

Warnings : This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergy to some individuals.  Stop use, contact your doctor if you have any allergy symptom.



After use, turn inside out, wash in clean water, store in a cool dry place indoors, away from direct sunlight and excessive heat or radiator.





How to measure your hand glove size?

Wrap a measuring tape around your hand just below the knuckles and fingers and make a fist as shown in the photograph. This is known as the hand width glove size.
If your measurement falls between sizes, order the larger glove size.


US Sizes EU Sizes Average Palm
Palm circ Size marking Palm circ Size marking
6-7 inches XS 152 – 178 mm EU – 6 70 mm
7-8 inches S 178 – 203 mm EU – 7 80 mm
8-9 inches M 203 – 229 mm EU – 8 90 mm
9-10 inches L 229 – 254 mm EU – 9 100 mm
10-11 inches XL 254 – 279 mm EU – 10 110 mm
11 inches + XXL 279 mm EU – 11 130 mm

Many suppliers print the hand measuring ruler with average palm width in the packaging as shown in the drawing. You could place your hand on the ruler available to choose your glove hand size .