Nacol is Household Rubber Glove Manufacturer in Vietnam, was established in 1997, specializing in manufacturing, trading and exporting rubber gloves of all kinds (including household rubber  gloves, multi purpose rubber  gloves, industrial rubber gloves) to supply for domestic and international markets.

Our factory is located in Binh Duong province, 30 km close to Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest trade center and sea ports in Vietnam, which is very convenient for transporting goods across the country areas and shipping to overseas markets.

In 2007, we built and operated our second factory to process natural latex and rubber gloves in Binh Phuoc province. The establishment of the latex processing factory helps ensure a stable internal material supply and high quality latex for manufacturing gloves. A part of our latex product is sold to the domestic and export market.

Nacol Quality Management System has been certified to conform to ISO 9001 : 2008 by QUACERT ; Nacol  household rubber gloves are made according to standards :  ASTM D 4679-02.

Nacol products are of high quality, good performance and safe to users. They are always offered at a very competitive price.

Nacol household rubber gloves, multi purpose rubber gloves, industrial rubber gloves  are exported to Japan, Europe, Australia, China, America and Africa.
In the domestic market, our rubber gloves are sold to more than 200 factories owned by approximately 100 private firms which operate in a variety of industries and sectors. We sell our gloves to wholesalers, department stores, supermarkets and retailers all over the country.

Our registered trademarks are Nacol, Melody, Tulip, Syren, Sea Eagle, Lotus, Titans, Victory, etc…

By continuously offering new product types, improving quality and service, Nacol rubber gloves are preferable and trusted widely by both local and overseas customers.



Representative office
33, Street 18, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Tel: (84. 28) 3726 8227  – Fax: (84. 28) 3726 9012
Email: info@nacol.com.vn | Website: http://www.nacol.com.vn

Headquater :  (Factory No. 1)
219/2 , Quarter 1B, An Phu Ward,  Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
Tel: (84,274) 3740 892, 3710 675 – Fax: (84,274) 3710 674

Factory of Rubber Gloves for Export (Factory No. 2)
Sub-quarter 56, Quarter 5, Minh Thanh Ward, Chon Thanh Town, Binh Phuoc Province, Vietnam
Tel: (84,271) 652 6268 


Household Rubber Glove Manufacturer in Vietnam

We are member of Vietnam Rubber Association